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Purchasing digital content in Naviextras Toolbox

Purchasing map updates and other extras

Once you have connected your device to Naviextras Toolbox and logged in to your account, you can browse and download available map updates or purchase new maps and other contents. To download contents through Naviextras Toolbox, follow the steps below:

     1.     Click Update' on the left side of the Naviextras Toolbox window.

     2.     Browse the list of available maps.

There are two ways you can search for a particular map:

                              ·       Enter its name in the catalogue in the top right corner of the window.

                              ·       Filter the list by area by clicking its name in the list on the left.

In addition to maps, you can purchase other contents, such as 3D extras, safety cameras, petrol prices, traffic information or places of interest.

NOTE: Available contents depend on your region.


     3.     Select the item that you would like to purchase and click Read more.

     4.     There may be more than one option available for purchase. Choose the option that fits your needs and click Add to cart.

     5.     The content of your shopping cart is displayed. Check that the correct items are in the cart and click Checkout.

     6.     The system prompts you again to verify your order. Click Invoice address to continue with the order or click Back to cart to go back to your shopping cart and modify its content.

     7.     Enter your invoice address and click Payment.

     8.     Wait until the payment page loads. Select your payment method and country.

     9.     Enter your credit card details and click Submit.

   10.     You are redirected to the screen where you can see the new packages available to install.


Downloading available updates through Naviextras Toolbox

The available updates that you have not yet installed on your device can be found in the Device menu in Naviextras Toolbox. You can reach this menu by clicking Update' on the menu bar on the left side of the window.


If you have any available updates, they are displayed in a list. You can see the following types of contents here:

          ·       Items that you have purchased but not yet installed

          ·       Free updates and extras that you added to the installation queue

          ·       Special free updates that are normally paid updates, but have been provided by your manufacturer or the site operator free of charge.


For a simple installation, follow the steps below:

     1.     By default, all items belonging to all regions are selected for installation. Review the table and uncheck the checkbox in front of the item that you do not want to install.

     2.     Click Install at the bottom of the screen to start the installation process.


     3.     After clicking on Install, you are prompted to make a backup.

NOTE: We strongly recommend to proceed with a backup before downloading and installing updates. You may decide to skip backup at your own risk.

     4.     After creating a backup, Naviextras Toolbox starts downloading and installing the selected updates. A double status bar shows the progress: the one on top shows the total ratio of the job already done, and the one at the bottom shows progress with the current file. Wait until you receive a message that the operation is completed.

Click More... to open the Device content manager.


Here you can review the selected updates together with the content that is already on your device:

     1.     Click on a region on the map to modify its status: keep it as it is, update (if there are available updates) or remove it. You can also change the status in the region list next to the map.

     2.     Click Apply changes... to perform the selected actions.

Click Advanced... in the Device content manager to open the Advanced install wizard. 

You can review all content item by item. The contents are sorted by region, but you can also sort items by type or by country with the appropriate radio button on the top of the page. Click the + symbol in front of the name of a region to open a list of its content and modify each item individually. 


You can update, remove or keep each item as it is and perform the selected action by clicking Apply changes..., as in the case of basic installation.

Transferring downloaded content to the navigation system

After downloading the updates to your USB memory stick, you can transfer them to Pioneer Navigation System. To do this, follow the steps below:

NOTE: During the transfer process, do NOT switch off the vehicles ignition, otherwise you may need to start the process again.

NOTE: If the new content seems unavailable during navigation, repeat the installation process. 

     1.     Insert your USB memory stick containing the updates into its slot on the navigation device.

     2.     From the Navigation menu, go to Settings and start the Synctool.


     3.     The system asks you to confirm that you want to update the map content of the navigation system. Tap Yes.


     4.     The Pioneer Navigation System notifies you when the content update is complete.

NOTE: The system may reboot several times during the update process.


     5.      Exit Synctool and remove the USB memory stick. Pioneer Navigation System now uses the new content.

NOTE: If the new content seems unavailable during navigation, repeat the installation process.

Do not leave MAP mode on (e.g. AV/App mode, HOME screen) during the update process, otherwise the process is automatically suspended. In that case, you can restart Synctool at Step 2 for resume.


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